Thursday, July 19, 2012

Open Access Journal: zenith BusinessReport

"zenith BusinessReport provides analysis, entrepreneurial stories, interviews, numbers and market outlooks. zenith BusinessReport reports from behind the scenes of profit promises and big deals. It has become both source and reference for investors, analysts, managers, development aid agencies, business journalists and the intelligence community. "

ISSN: 2193-0481
Frequency: bimonthly
Published in English, German and Russian for the European, Middle Eastern and Russian/Central Asian markets.

zenith BusinessReport 2/12

Title Story: The Arabs’ and peasants’ state: How Qatar plans to make the desert blossom


zenith BusinessReport 1/12

Title Story: The Iraqi adventure: Between map exercise and reality


zenith BusinessReport 4/11

Title Story: The Libyan patient: Can the collapse be averted?


zenith BusinessReport 3/11

Title Story: Returns of the Revolution: What’s the damage for the Arab Spring?


zenith BusinessReport 2/11

Title Story: Business goal security: Dividends of danger in the Middle East


zenith BusinessReport 1/11

Title Story: Turkey‘s economy: A new champion?


zenith BusinessReport 2/10

Title Story: A non-invasive therapy: Germany and health care business in the Middle East


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