Friday, February 18, 2011

Harvard Middle Eastern and Islamic Review (current issue)

Harvard Middle Eastern and Islamic Review

"The Harvard Middle Eastern and Islamic Review (HMEIR) is Harvard’s principal journal dealing with the Middle East and the world of Islam. Founded in 1994 and sponsored by the Center for Middle Eastern Studies (CMES), HMEIR aims at publishing work based on original research and distinguished by the highest quality of scholarship. Toward this end, the Review contributions hold the promise of advancing our knowledge and understanding of the many sub-fields that fall under the rubric of Middle Eastern and Islamic studies. It considers manuscripts on topics covering a broad range of disciplines, with particular emphasis on the humanities and the social sciences, and reflecting a variety of theoretical and empirical perspectives.

All manuscripts accepted for publication in the Review have been vetted by both internal and external referees. Besides the Editor, the Review’s Editorial Board includes four faculty members based at CMES: Cemal Kafadar (CMES Director), Steven C. Caton, Roy P. Motttahedeh, and E. Roger Owen.

Volume 8 is currently available as a complete set of PDF files on the CMES website."

Vol. 8 - 2009 (current issue)

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