Thursday, March 29, 2018

Open Access Journal: Nidaba

Nidaba Interdisciplinary Journal of the Middle East
This interdisciplinary Journal of Middle East Studies is an open-access, double-blind peer-reviewed journal published digitally by the Center for Middle Eastern Studies at Lund University. The journal is published bi-annually, and features original multi-disciplinary articles related to the study of the Middle East (broadly defined). Reflecting the general mission of CMES, the journal aims to publish articles that are theoretically informed, methodologically sound and analytically innovative. Nidaba’s goal is to contribute to informed public debates and policy formulations related to the Middle East. The journal welcomes submissions with a broad perspective. Interdisciplinary submissions are strongly encouraged.

Wednesday, March 7, 2018

SALT Araştırma: Digitized French Press in the Ottoman Empire

SALT Araştırma: Digitized French Press in the Ottoman Empire.

"This project, a collaboration between İstanbul Atatürk Library, Bibliothèque Nationale de France and Institut Français d’Études Anatoliennes, aims to digitize newspapers and magazines published in French from the second half of the 19th century to the 1930s. More than a hundred titles, including periodicals printed in the Ottoman Empire as well as media published by the Young Turks of Europe, are now accessible. İstanbul Atatürk Library’s collection of Franco-Ottoman press has been digitalized by SALT Research, while the collection of Bibliothèque Nationale de France can be accessed through Gallica."

Available journals include:
Alem (1)
Ameli Elektrik (10)
Bulletin Commercial d'Orient - Eastern Commercial Bulletin (1)

Bulletin de la Chambre de Commerce et d'Industrie de Constantinople - Bulletin of the Chamber of Com (2)

Bulletin de la Chambre de Commerce et d'Industrie de Smyrne (6)

Bulletin Médical de Constantinople (2)

Byzantia (2)
Chambre de Commerce Française d'Izmir - French Chamber of Commerce of Izmir (1)

Correspondance d'Orient (7)

Crédit Lyonnais Revue Mensuelle (4)
Djem (6)
Echos d'Orient (3)

El Üfürük (1)
Felek (1)

Gazette Médicale d'Orient (39)
Génie Civil Ottoman (2)

Hamenora (11)
Hokkabaz (1)
Journal Asiatique de Constantinople (1)
Journal de Constantinople (17)

Journal de la Chambre de Commerce de Constantinople (2)
Kalem (4)

Küçük Gazete (3)

L'Echo de Turquie (2)
L'Economiste d'Orient (16)

L'Illustration de l'Orient (5)

L'Information d'Orient (18)
L'Orient (3)
L'Orient et l'Abeille du Bosphore (1)
L'Orient Illustré (2)
L'Orient Illustré, Littéraire, Artistique et Scientifique (2)
L'Orient Illustré, Pour et Par L'Orient (1)
L'Osmanlı (4)
L'Univers Revue Orientale (2)
La Défense - Müdafaa (1)
La Défense Financière et Economique (1)
La Défense Nationale - Müdafaa-i Milliye (2)
La Dépêche (2)
La Gazette Financière (6)
La Pensée Turque (1)
La Pédiatrie en Turquie (3)
La Revue Financière (2)
La Revue Littéraire Persane - Pars (1)
La Revue Orientale (2)
La Turquie (26)
La Turquie - Türkiye (3)
Le Film - Film Mecmuası (3)
Le Moniteur Oriental - Oriental Advertiser (30)
Le Publicateur (2)
Le Sans Fil - Telsiz (1)
Levant Herald (13)
Maarifet (1)
Malumat (9)
Meşrutiyet - Mècheroutiette (16)
Meşveret - Méchveret (9)
Mi'rat-ı Sanayi-i İslamiyye - Le Miroir de l'art Musulman (1)
Muahadat Mecmuası (0)
Pages Médicales de Constantinople (2)
P’ST (3)
Revue Bibliographique de Philologie et d'Histoire (1)
Revue Commerciale d'Orient (1)
Revue Commerciale du Levant (2)
Revue de Constantinople (2)
Revue de l'Exportation Allemande (2)
Revue de Thérapeutique et Expérimentale (1)
Revue de Turcologie (5)
Revue des Annonces (1)
Revue Poul Derneghi - Poul Derneği Mecmuası (1)
Revue Technique l'Orient (5)
Servet-i Fünun (3)
Telegraf ve Posta Mecmuası - Bulletin Télégraphique et Postal (1)
Tout Péra (2)
Türk Antropoloji Mecmuası - Turkish Journal of Anthropology (7)
Türk Mühendisler Ocağının Fen Mecmuası - Revue Technique des Ingénieurs Turcs (1)
Türk İktisad Mecmuası - Revue Économique du Turquie (2)
İctihâd (25)
İhsaiyat-ı Maliye Mecmuası - Bulletin of Statistics (6)
İktisadiyat Mecmuası - Iktissadiat Medjmouassı (2)
İstanbul Piyasa Gazetesi - Stamboul Piassa Gazettassi (2)
See: Digitized French Press in the Ottoman Empire

Tuesday, March 6, 2018

KITAB: Knowledge, Information Technology, and the Arabic Book

KITAB: Knowledge, Information Technology, and the Arabic Book: Studying the formation and development of the written Arabic tradition with digital methods
KITAB provides a digital tool-box and a forum for discussions about Arabic texts. We wish to empower users to explore Arabic texts in completely new ways and to expand the frontiers of knowledge about one of the world’s largest and most complex textual traditions.
We are leading with a tool that detects how authors copied from previous works. Arabic authors frequently made use of past works, cutting them into pieces and reconstituting them to address their own outlooks and concerns. Now you can discover relationships between these texts and also the profoundly intertextual circulatory systems in which they sit.
Our most recent work has involved gathering statistics on such reuse across the tradition. This includes the extent and precision of reuse, and where it does and does not occur. We are also developing new visualisations that show the relationships between authors, books, and the ideas that they contain. Equally importantly, we are building the corpus of texts upon which our research is based, and making use of our recent and pioneering work on Optical Character Recognition...