Thursday, September 1, 2011

Free Sample Books on Project MUSE Beta Site

"The MUSE beta site offers access to over 300 free sample books. Browse and search this selection of books, along with MUSE journals, as a preview of the combined book and journal content that will be coming to MUSE on January 1, 2012. Explore books and journals on MUSE on our beta site at:"

Few titles of interest:
Shari'a Politics
Islamic Law and Society in the Modern World
Edited by Robert W. Hefner

Beyond the Politics of Enemy and Friend
Edited by Andrew Shryock

Arab Filmmakers of the Middle East
A Dictionary
Roy Armes

Religious Politics and Secular States
Egypt, India, and the United States
Scott W. Hibbard

Exiled in the Homeland
Zionism and the Return to Mandate Palestine
By Donna Robinson Divine

Justice and Rights
Christian and Muslim Perspectives
Michael Ipgrave, Editor

and more

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