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Free to read E-book: Hajj: Global Interactions through Pilgrimage

Hajj : Global Interactions through Pilgrimage
Edited by Luitgard Mols & Marjo Buitelaar
Year: 2014
ISBN: 9789088902857
Number of pages: ca. 275
Print Price: €39,95 (incl VAT / excl Shipping)


The Hajj and the Anthropological Study of Pilgrimage
Marjo Buitelaar
Sacrifice, Purification and Gender in the Hajj: Personhood, Metonymy, and Ritual Transformation
Pnina Werbner

Pilgrimage, Performativity, and British Muslims: Scripted and Unscripted Accounts of the Hajj and Umra
Seán McLoughlin
The Hajj and Politics in Contemporary Turkey and Indonesia
Robert R. Bianchi
Islamic Reformism and Pilgrimage: The Hajj of Rashid Rida in 1916
Richard van Leeuwen
Gifts, Souvenirs and the Hajj
Venetia Porter
Hajj from China: Social Meanings and Material Culture
Oliver Moore
The Uppsala Mecca Painting: A New Source for the Cultural Topography and Historiography for Mecca
Mehmet Tütüncü
Hajj Murals in Dakhla Oasis (Egypt)
Remke Kruk and Frans Oort
Souvenir, Testimony, and Device for Instruction: Late Nineteenth- and Early Twentieth-Century Printed Hajj Certificates
Luitgard Mols
Appearances Belie. A Mecca-Centred World Map and a Snouck Hurgronje Photograph from the Leiden University Collections
Arnoud Vrolijk
Hajj Music from Egypt, Syria and Lebanon: Some Reflections on Songs for the Pilgrimage
Neil van der Linden

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