Friday, September 18, 2015

Open Access Journal: Afghanistan Research Newsletter
[First posted 5/16/2011 ; updated 9/18/15]

Publication Announcement
Date: 9.16.2015
Afghanistan Research Newsletter - Number 32, April - June 2015

"Issue 32 of the Afghanistan Research Newsletter is now available on the Afghanistan Research and Evaluation Unit’s (AREU) website. Newsletter 32 is the second issue published since the quarterly newsletter was revived in 2015 and the first of many to come.

Starting in March of 2004, AREU began publishing a quarterly newsletter with the goal of filling an existing gap in the availability of research on Afghanistan. The newsletter therefore was meant to provide much-needed policy and programming information to the burgeoning development community in Afghanistan, as well as the newly formed Afghan government.

Originally intended to inform the research community of projects currently being conducted in Afghanistan and to facilitate communication between relevant organisations, over time the newsletter eventually focused on disseminating research findings on Afghanistan while also providing a categorical listing of new laws passed by the Afghan government. The newsletter contains a list of AREU’s publications released since the last edition as well as Afghanistan-related research conducted by external sources.

However, following the publication of Newsletter 30 in the summer of 2011, AREU was forced to discontinue the newsletters due to a lack of internal resources. This hiatus continued until it was recently determined that within Afghanistan’s research climate there is still a need for the services formerly delivered by the newsletter, as well as a corresponding capability within AREU to deliver it. As a result, the newsletter will now be published quarterly for the foreseeable future."

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