Friday, October 16, 2015

Open Access Books from Brill Publishing
  The following Open Access books of interest to AMIR are available from Brill Publishing :

 Childhood in the Late Ottoman Empire and After edited by Benjamin C. Fortna, SOAS, University of London
Series: OEH
Volume: 59
Format: Hardback
ISBN: Expected: November 2015
Muslims in Interwar Europe  Edited by Bekim Agai, Frankfurt University, Umar Ryad, Utrecht University, and Mehdi Sajid, Utrecht University
Series:  MUMI
Volume: 17
Format: Hardback
E-ISBN: 9789004301979

Locating Hell in Islamic Traditions Edited by Christian Lange, University of Utrecht
Series: IHC
Volume: 119
Format: Hardback
E-ISBN: 9789004301368
Publication date: September 2015

The Imagined and Real Jerusalem in Art and Architecture :Edited by Jeroen Goudeau, Mariëtte Verhoeven and Wouter Weijers, Radboud University, Nijmegen
Series:  RSH
Volume: 2
Format: Hardback
ISBN: 9789004270824
E-ISBN: 9789004270855
Publication date: September 2014

Series: IMB
Volume: 3
Format: Hardback
E-ISBN:  9789004221918
Publication date: July 2012

Islam and the Making of the Nation Chiara Formichi, City University of Hong Kong
Series: VKI
Volume: 282
Format: Paperback
E-ISBN: 9789004260467
Publication date: June 2012

Series: HO1
Volume: 101
Format: Hardback
E-ISBN: 9789004201460
Publication date: April 2011
Series: IPTS
Volume: 73
Format: Hardback
E-ISBN: 9789047420194
Publication date: May 2007

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