Wednesday, December 20, 2017

Open Access Journal: Textual Criticism of Persian Literature.

Textual Criticism of Persian Literature = Matnʹshināsī-i adab-i Fārsī = متن‌شناسى ادب فارسى

Published by : Dānishgāh-i Iṣfahān. Dānishkadah-ʼi Adabiyāt va ʻUlūm-i Insānī,
Date:  [2012]- 
ISSN:    2476-3268

"The aim of the journal is to promote Persian literary texts and acquaint researchers with studies in the fields of commentary on Persian literary texts, explanation of difficult points in Persian literary texts, critical analysis of corrections of manuscripts, introducing and explaining manuscripts, aesthetic analysis of Persian literary texts and analysis of Persian literary texts via modern literary theories. The language of the journal is Persian and all submissions should be in this language. All procedures of submission, refereeing and announcement are done online and via the site of the journal. All submissions are blindly refereed by at least two experts."

In Persian; abstracts in Persian and English.

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