Thursday, February 15, 2018

Open Access Archive: Egyptian Press Archive of CEDEJ

Egyptian Press Archive of CEDEJ
Presented online by the Bibliotheca Alexandrina 

"The CEDEJ and the Bibliotheca Alexandrina are pleased to present, through the digitization of more than 800,000 articles in Arabic, English and French, 40 years of Egyptian political, cultural and economic life - from the mid-1970s until 2010...

Since the year 1976, the CEDEJ formed a documentary collection of 800,000 articles from the principal organs of the Egyptian press and classified according to 15 thematic areas, which are divided into themes and sub-themes. The CEDEJ catalogued and indexed the archives, preparing the material for online dissemination.

The BA, as a leader in the digitization of Arabic text, designed and implemented a proficient workflow for digitizing this valuable collection using state-of-the-art technology, while applying digitization best practices in the production of a user friendly website encompassing the whole collection. Moreover, the BA has implemented convenient browsing facilities and search functionalities to allow easy access to the material available.

This work was carried out from 24 Egyptian and Arabic newspapers - daily and weekly - including 13 print and 11 digital media. Through these scanned articles, we can follow the evolution of swathes of contemporary Egyptian society'"

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