Friday, June 22, 2018

Open Access Newspaper Archive: Mira’at al-gharb = مرآة الغرب = Meraat-ul-gharb = Mirror of the West [1910-1922, 1925-1927]
Mir’āt al-gharb : jarīdah siyāsīyah adabīyah tijārīyah intiqādīyah ḥurrah 

Publisher: New York [N.Y.] : Najīb Mūsá Diyāb, 1899-1961.
Available issues:  September 1910-April 20 1922 and August 12 1925-June 30 1927.

Other titles: مرآة الغرب = Meraat-ul-gharb = Mirror of the West

"Mira’at al-Gharb, [Mirror of the West], was one of the longest-running Arabic newspapers in the United States, published from 1899 until 1961. It was founded by Najeeb Diab and owned by his family until its closure. In addition to its significant longevity, Mira’at al-Gharb is important for its affiliation with the Orthodox faith. As a counterpoint to the Maronite viewpoints that are often predominantly associated with the early Syrio-Lebanese immigrants, Mira’at al-Gharb provides valuable insight into the religious, political, and intellectual diversity of the early immigrants from Greater Syria..."
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