Wednesday, May 13, 2020

Open Access Database: Qur’an Details Search

Qur’an Details search page allows scholars to search among 4,700 detailed entries for historically interesting Qur’an pages, spanning 110 collections from all over the world, and representing all eras and all places of production. Using this facility, scholars can make specialist searches for terms including
•            Qur’an page description (type of illumination, decoration or binding),
•            Qur’an type (fragment, Juz etc.),
•            Qur’an Sura reference,
•            Script (kufic, naskh, etc.),
•            Number of lines per page,
•            Page size (height and width),
•            Qur’an name (e.g. Oljaytu's Baghdad Qur’an), and
•            Calligrapher name.

This is in addition to all the standard search parameters such as date and place of production, holding collection, accession number and folio, and full publication details. The data covers items published online as well as in print and includes bindings. Search results include images for about 20% of the entries. "

Qur’an Details is a part of Islamic Painted Page - database of Persian, Ottoman, Arab and Mughal paintings, illuminations, decorated Qur'an pages, and book bindings from over 310 collections worldwide

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