Sunday, September 5, 2021

Alpheios Tool explained for Arabists

Around ten years ago, our Peter posted the Alpheios Project here for the first time:

In the meantime, there are tools for morphological analyses of Arabic texts (classical and modern). You can implement these tools into your browser and learn from them. My friend Hakan Özkan in his insightful video-tutorial explains us how to make use of it.

The Alpheios Reading Tool ... enables you to get definitions (in a pop-up window) of Arabic words with one click directly into your web browser (Chrome, Firefox, Safari).  One major dictionary the tool uses is E.W. Lane's Arabic-English lexicon, which makes this tool especially useful for premodern texts. Alpheios also runs a morphological analysis of the selected Arabic word and thus makes it easier for you to see the underlying root or basic form. Watch the video for details.

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