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The Politics of Culture in Contemporary Turkey

 The Politics of Culture in Contemporary Turkey

Investigates the relationship between culture, politics and power in present-day Turkey, from headscarves to heavy metal

  • Provides an overview of the politics of culture in Turkey under the rule of the AKP
  • Analyses the success of authoritarian populism and the decline of democracy in Turkey from a cultural studies perspective
  • Brings together 16 empirical studies that explore cultural aspects from heavy metal music to arthouse films, and from headscarf politics to national memory

Since coming to power, President Erdoğan’s Justice and Development Party (AKP) have focused on narrating their vision of a ‘New Turkey’ – an ideal that has resulted in the politicisation of popular culture and people’s everyday lives. Exposing the strategy of Turkey’s ruling elite to obtain cultural hegemony, this book examines the AKP’s efforts to rewrite Turkish public memory by promoting its ideas through TV series, movies, propaganda videos, school curricula and material culture in urban public spaces. It also explores the tactics of cultural resistance developed by the politically weak to counter the ruling elite’s dominant culture of pious conservatism.

Martin Stokes, King’s College London

1. The Politics of Culture in ‘New Turkey’
Pierre Hecker, Ivo Furman, Kaya Akyıldız

Part I: Subcultures and the Politics of Lifestyles

2. Battling Over the Spirit of a Nation: Attitudes Towards Alcohol in ‘New Turkey’
Ivo Furman, Istanbul Bilgi University

3. Spreading VX-Gas over Kaaba: Islamic Semiotics in Turkish Black Metal
Douglas Mattsson, Södertörn University Stockholm

4. Tired of Religion: Atheism and Non-Belief in ‘New Turkey’
Pierre Hecker, Philipps University Marburg

Part II: Satire and Agitprop in ‘New Turkey’

5. Democra-Z: Election Ads, a Failed Coup and Zombie Politics in ‘New Turkey’
Josh Carney, American University of Beirut

6. United against the Referee: Competitive Authoritarianism, Soccer and the Remaking of Nationalism in Erdoğanist Turkey
Can Evren, Duke University

7. Between Resistance and Surrender: Counter-hegemonic Discourses in Turkish Satirical Magazines
Valentina Marcella, University of Naples

Part III: Civil Society and the Politics of Gender

8. The Boundaries of Womanhood in ‘New Turkey’: The Case of KADEM
Gülşen Çakıl-Dinçer, Adıyaman University

9. Never Walk Alone: The Politics of Unveiling in ‘New Turkey’
Ayşe Çavdar, Philipps University Marburg

10. Welcome to Dystopia. A View into the Counter-hegemonic Discourse(s) of Ecological Activism in Istanbul
Julia Lazarus, Berlin

PART IV: Mediating Neo-Ottomanism in Popular Culture

11. New Histories for a New Turkey: The First Battle of Kut (1916) and the Reshaping of the Ottoman Past
Burak Onaran, Mimar Sinan Güzel Sanatlar University

12. Between Invention and Authenticity: Representations of Abdülhamid II in the TV Series ‘Payitaht’
Caner Tekin, Ruhr University Bochum

13. Writing a Visual History of Turkey: ‘Glorious History’ in Mainstream Cinema vs ‘Complicated History’ in Arthouse Films
Diliara Brileva A. Krymsky, Institute of Oriental Studies, Ukraine

14. The Politics of Nostalgia: The New Urban Culture in Ankara’s Historic Neighbourhoods
Petek Onur, University of Copenhagen

PART V: ‘New Turkey’s’ Ethno-Religious Others

15. The Affirmation of Sunni Supremacism in Erdoğan’s ‘New Turkey’
Kaya Akyıldız, Istanbul Bahçeşehir University

16. ‘Because They Would Misunderstand’: Romeyka Heritage and the Masculine Reconfigurations of Public Culture in Contemporary Turkey
Erol Sağlam, Istanbul Medeniyet University

17. A Politics of Presence: Public Performances of Roma Belonging in Istanbul
Danielle V. Schoon, Ohio State University

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