Thursday, March 31, 2011

Open Access Journal: Transeuropéennes

Transeuropéennes:  International Journal of Critical Thought
Transeuropéennes/assemblée pour traduire entre les cultures is a registered non-profit association, governed by the French law of 1901 with respect to associations. In the continuity with the projects developed by Transeuropéennes since 1993, its purpose is to bring together in an open co-operation network individuals, organisations or institutions whose aim it is to develop, promote and disseminate the concept and practices of translating, understood to cover modes of representation, the imaginary, as well as languages and “regimes of speech”.

This interdisciplinary notion of "translating, between cultures", developed above all by Transeuropéennes since 1999, has a crucial role to play as an alternative to currently dominant ideologies. This concept is likely to create new dynamics related to the formal acknowledgement of cultural diversity, and to renew intercultural reflection and action in the contemporary world and for the future.

As a travelling project and/or as a project anchored in a place open to a public audience as well as to research, the association runs international cultural cooperation programmes, organise training programmes, research and translation workshops and residencies, conferences, seminars.

It produces or co-produces tools for knowledge, training and anc communication as a contribution for the emergence of new knowledge. It produces or co-produces and disseminates intellectual and artistic works, of various forms, including the international journal Transeuropéennes and any related publishing project.

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