Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Iran Data Portal

Iran Data Portal
"The Iran Social Science Data Portal is under construction. Once completed, it will be an English- and Persian-language internet portal that hosts social science data on Iran, including socioeconomic data, electoral data, information on political parties, and translations of selected laws. It aims to provide a service to journalists, academics, policymakers, and others interested in analyzing political and socioeconomic developments in contemporary Iran. The project is funded by a grant of the Social Science Research Council.

Due to its current significance, the website provides a detailed documentation from the 2009 presidential election in Iran. The featured data includes electoral results down to the level of the ballot box, the electoral law, statements by the four presidential candidates, statements by other political and religious leaders, by political parties, and by governmental agencies after June 12, 2009.

If you cannot find data or a document you believe should be included in this portal, please write to our webmaster."

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