Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Open Access Manuscripts: The Open Treasury for Islamic Manuscript

The Open Treasury for Islamic Manuscript
Farsi Arabi

The manuscripts existing in numerous and various collections are considered to be the God-given mercy from which all the scientific and cultural developments have originated. So far considering this heritage, regardless of its scientific values, resembles the appreciation of human endeavor in expressing their views and surrounding world.
All the Islamic manuscripts that are now available at totfim website for all scholars and interested groups of people stem from bunch of researches. The definition and recognition of cultural impact particularly the Iranian one on various cultural Arenas, for which the amendment of "Iranian world" can be chosen, have been a cause for concern both for me and some of our colleagues that contribute their own time to this protect for years. Expressing and receiving an appropriate answer to this question, led to comprehensive and wise heated debate; and traveling extensively created this cultural government considering the soufists living in Khorasan in Chinese Kashghar borders, and making pilgrimage on some of scholars' shrines in Sa’dah of Yemen have all been the achievements of our sacred journey in which Iranian attitude and culture was prevalent. The eternal and stable culture that was conspicuous with all its indigenous characteristics and sometimes influenced the courtesy, religion, morals of the others. The compiling of different parts of Iranian and Islamic ancient heritage, such as manuscripts, tablets, documents and also images is the conspicuous effort that has led to the denudation of this site and its achievement in classified and modern structure will be at service of those seeking this accomplishment.
Seyyed Mohammad Sadegh Kharrazi – Seyyed Ali Moujani

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