Monday, July 18, 2016

Online Checklist of Arabic Documents

[First posted in AWOL 23 November 2011, updated 16 July 2016]

The Checklist of Arabic Documents

(Last Update 30 May 2016)
by Petra M. Sijpesteijn (p.m.sijpesteijn at, John F. Oates (✝), Andreas Kaplony (andreas.kaplony at, Eva M. Youssef-Grob (evamira.youssef at and Daniel Potthast (daniel.potthast at
We would like to thank Lesley Wilkins and Amalia Zomeño for making their bibliographies available to us to include in this checklist.
Download (version November 2011)
Download (as in BASP 42 (2005) 127-166)


The Checklist of Arabic Documents aims to facilitate and advance the use of Arabic documents. By providing this inclusive bibliography of editions of Arabic documentary texts - on papyrus, paper, parchment, leather, ostraca, wood, stone and bone - in monographs and articles, and setting out a standardized system of abbreviations for monographs of Arabic document editions, we hope it will serve to enhance the transparency of citations and improve the accessibility of editions, functioning as a useful point of reference for Arabists and non-Arabists, specialists and non-specials alike.
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