Wednesday, July 13, 2016

LexiQamus: Solving illegible words in Ottoman Turkish


[First posted in AMIR on Wednesday, July 13, 2016. ]
[Update: October 27, 2017 - This resource now requires registration and paid subscription]

I have created a website whose main purpose is to solve illegible words in Ottoman Turkish which is especially critical for those dealing with archive documents. Prof. Edhem Eldem at Bogazici University, my previous thesis supervisor during my master's in the history department, fervently encouraged me for this project.
For the time being, it explores only the words in Ottoman Turkish, but Arabic and Persian words will be included in the database soon. However, it can already find words in these language due to the huge size of the database.
This is what basically it does: You fill in legible letters in the boxes and put a * for illegible ones, then it provides you with a list of possible words that match your criteria, going through a list of approximately 170 thousands words...
The words and phrases come from more than 15 prominent dictionaries. For this project only, all the entries (including phrases, not just the main entries, 150 thousands in total) of Lexicon (Ottoman Turkish to English) published by James Redhouse in 1890 were typed and added to the database.
Here is the list of those dictionaries:
Kamus-ı Türki - Türkçe'den Türkçe'ye Osmanlı harfleri ile sözlük
Lûgat-ı Naci - Türkçe'den Türkçe'ye Osmanlı harfleri ile sözlük
Kamus-ı Osmani - Mehmed Salahi Bey Osmanlıca sözlüğü
Lûgat-ı Remzi - Doktor Hüseyin Remzi Bey'in sözlüğü
Lehce-i Osmani - Ahmet Vefik Paşa Osmanlıca sözlüğü
Lûgat-ı Ebuzziya Tevfik
Resimli Kamus-ı Osmani - Ali Seydi
Lûgat-ı Cudi
Mükemmel Osmanlı Lûgatı - Faik Reşat & Ali Nazım
Müntab-ı Lûgat-ı Osmaniye
Yeni Türkçe Lûgat
Türkçe Kamus
Kamus-ı Fransevi
Osmanlıca - Almanca Sözlük
Hazine-i Lugat

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