Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Open Access Journal: Jordanian diplomat

Jordanian diplomat = al-Diblūmāsī al-Urdunī
Author: Maʻhad al-Diblūmāsī (Jordan)
Publisher: ʻAmmān : al-Maʻhad al-Diblūmāsī al-Urdunī, [1998?-
Language Note: Chiefly in Arabic; some English.
Other Titles: al-Diblūmāsī al-Urdunī
Frequency: Quarterly

"The JID continues to publish this periodical in cooperation with the Jordanian Ministry of Foreign Affairs as a public information and education instrument in addition to its role in providing an opportunity for the discussion of major internal as well as external issues of interest to the country. "

1. Vol.2 No.2 March-June 2011
( PDF file)
2. Vol.1 No.2 January-March 2011
( PDF file)
3. Vol.4 No.1 November-December 2010
( PDF file)
4. Vol.1 No.3 July-September 2010
( PDF file)
5. Vol.1 No.2 April-June 2010
( PDF file)
6. Vol.1 No.1 january-March 2010
( PDF file)

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