Sunday, March 31, 2013

Open Access Journal: Islamic Sciences

Islamic Sciences
ISSN (Print): 1929-9435
ISSN (Online): 1929-9443
The Center for Islamic Sciences (CIS) is dedicated to the promotion of research and diffusion of knowledge on all aspects of Islam. CIS encourages a creative exploration of natural and human sciences from the Islamic worldview, critical integration of contemporary disciplines into the framework of traditional Islamic thought and learning, and a renewed and rigorous link with the intellectual tradition of Islam. CIS supports activities aimed at enhancing our religious and scientific understanding of nature and the human condition. The Center recognizes an underlying unity of all branches of knowledge as stemming from and anchored in Unicity of God (tawhid), the most fundamental principle of Islamic ontology and epistemology. Seen from this perspective, the entire manifest world, from the lowest to the highest levels, is recognized as an integrated and interconnected system. CIS recognizes this cosmic hierarchical structure, with its underlying unifying principle of tawhid, and operates within the epistemological framework of the Qur’an.

CIS publishes a semi-annual journal Islamic Sciences (JIS).  JIS is a journal of Islamic perspectives on science, civilization and intellectual history. It is dedicated to a creative exploration of the natural and human sciences. The journal publishes articles which critically evaluate contemporary knowledge as seen from within the framework of traditional Islamic thought and learning. It explores ways to renew rigorous and productive links with the intellectual tradition of Islam in order to enhance our understanding of God, life, the cosmos and the human condition.

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