Thursday, October 17, 2013

Arabian Nights Bibliography

Arabian Nights Bibliography compiled by Ulrich Marzolph.
"The present Bibliography aims to list a representative selection of research publications on the Arabian Nights (Alf Laylah wa-laylah, Les Mille et une Nuits, Tausendundeine Nacht etc.) published in European languages, while also including some important books and articles published in other languages. Initially being based on the bibliography in The Arabian Nights Encyclopedia (Marzolph and van Leeuwen 2004, 811–852), the present Bibliography bears witness to the renewed and continued interest in the Nights resulting from its tercentenary celebrations in 2004. Aiming to be comprehensive, but not necessarily exhaustive, the Bibliography at present lists more than 500 items. It is conceived as an ongoing project and will be updated at regular intervals. Most items quoted treat particular aspects of the Arabian Nights, with the exception of items discussing the scholars to whose endeavours we owe the most important European editions. Numerous publications bearing a secondary relevance for the study of the Nights have not been included. Also, editions of the Nights in international languages are not listed, while a number of them contain important essays on the history and character of the Nights. The compiler appreciates comments and critique as well as suggestions for items to be added.
As a further service to the scholarly community, we offer to supply scans of the items listed below, most of which are available here. In the future, we aim to link pdf-scans to specific items that are out of copyright."

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