Monday, October 28, 2013

Open Access Journal Archive: Mizraḥ he-ḥadash (1949-1991)

מזרח החדש.
Mizraḥ he-ḥadash.

Publisher:     Tel Aviv : ha-Ḥevrah ha-Mizraḥit ha-Yiśreʼelit, [1949]-

In Hebrew and English.
ISSN:    0017-7083

Journal of the Israeli Oriental Society, known today as The Middle East & Islamic Studies Association of Israel (MEISAI).
"Hanizrah Hehadash (The New Orient): Hamizrah Hehadash is the journal of The Middle East & Islamic Studies Association of Israel. Published annually since 1949, it is the leading academic journal in Israel dedicated to Asian, African and Middle Eastern studies. The journal is published in Hebrew, with extensive summaries in English. Some of the volumes are topical, while others are eclectic. The topics of the latest volumes include Jerusalem: Islam, Society and Space; Jewish-Arab relations in Eretz Israel/Palestine; Religion and state in Islam; State and society in the Middle East; Africa: Islam, Christianity and Judaism; Turkey in the 20th century; Syria: past and present; The Arab citizens of Israel towards the 21st century; Islam and the Middle East in the 20th century; The literature of Arabs in Israel; Arab Residents of Jerusalem; and more."

Alphabetical List of Open Access Historical Newspapers and Other Periodicals in Middle East & Islamic Studies

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