Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Open Access E-Magazine: Rowayat - Literary journal emerging from Egypt

  Rowayat - Literary Journal emerging from Egypt
"Our vision is to create a space where high quality literary work can be read and be accessible. A space for both emerging and established writers, who dream and write in English. This literary journal, will give a voice to Egyptian writers who express themselves creatively in English. A way for writers of this generation to express themselves. Also to be included in this journal are Egyptian writers who are abroad, and foreign writers who live in Egypt. If we had an association it would be called the Egyptian English Fiction Writers Association, and this would be its journal.
This journal is to feature/highlight only works of fiction. Future Egyptian writers can look back, read, understand maybe get a glimpse of what it was like to write in Egypt today. Maybe also what it means to be Egyptian today. What it's like to be creative today in Egypt.Any non-fiction will be either interviews with renowned/successful authors or about something relating to English fiction writing in Egypt. All the visuals will include Art that reflects the fiction included. The journal will be issued bi-annually. Arabic fiction already has several literary journals. So Arabic fiction will not be included and neither will Arabic in translation."

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