Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Open Access Journal Archive: al-Hilal (1892-1941)

al-Hilal  (1892-1941)

"Jurji Zaidan founded the monthly magazine Al-Hilal in 1892. It has been continuously published since then and celebrations to commemorate its 120th anniversary were held in Egypt in 2012. In the context of the Memory of Modern Egypt Series documenting the political, social and cultural history of Egypt in the last two hundred years, the Library of Alexandria completed the five year Dar Al-Hilal Documentation project in January 2012, on the occasion of 150th anniversary of the birth of Jurji Zaidan. This project included the digitization of the whole collection of Al-Hilal Magazine from the first year of publication in 1892 to the present day. The Zaidan Foundation website is happy to present, courtesy of the Library of Alexandria, all the issues of Al-Hilal (in Arabic) in the first fifty years between 1892 and 1941 grouped in ten year ..."

[Update March 3, 2023]
Al-Hilal issues are now available from 1892 to 2007 , click here.

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