Thursday, March 23, 2017

Open Access E-book: The Teaching and Learning of Arabic in Early Modern Europe

Title: The teaching and learning of Arabic in early modern Europe
Author:     Jan Loop; Alastair Hamilton; Charles Burnett
Publisher:     Leiden ; Boston : Brill, 2017.
Series:     The history of Oriental studies, volume 3
ISBN:     9789004338623

Introduction / Jan Loop --
Arabic studies in the Netherlands and the prerequisite of social impact: a survey / Arnoud Vrolijk --
Learning Arabic in early-modern England / Mordechai Feingold --
Johann Zechendorff (1580-1662) and Arabic studies in Zwickau's Latin school / Asaph Ben-Tov --
Arabia in the light of the midnight sun: Arabic studies in Sweden: between Gustaf Peringer Lillieblad and Jonas Hallenber / Bernd Roling --
Sacred history, sacred languages: the question of Arabic in early modern Spain / Mercedes Garcia-Arenal and Fernando Rodriguez Mediano --
The teaching and learning of Arabic in Salamanca in the early modern period / Nuria Martinez-de-Castilla-Munoz --
Teaching and learning Arabic in early modern Rome: shaping a missionary language / Aurelien Girard --
The Qur'an as chrestomathy in early modern Europe / Alastair Hamilton --
Arabic poetry as teaching material in early modern grammars and textbooks / Jan Loop --
Learning to write, read and speak Arabic outside of early modern universities / Sonja Brentjes --
Learning Arabic in the overseas factories: the case of the English / Simon Mills --
Learning oriental languages in the Ottoman Empire: Johannes Heyman (1667-1737) between Izmir and Damascus / Maurits H. van den Boogert --
The life and hard times of Solomon Negri: an Arabic teacher in early modern Europe / John-Paul Ghobrial.

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