Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Partially Open Access Journal: Studies in Comparative Religion

"Studies in Comparative Religion was founded in Britain in 1963 by Francis Clive-Ross (1921–1981) and is the first and most comprehensive English-language journal of traditional studies. The journal was published under the name Tomorrow until 1967, when it was changed to its present name. Four quarterly issues per year, containing over 1,200 articles in total, were published during the first 25 years of Studies in Comparative Religion’s existence, before its publication was interrupted in 1987. William Stoddart served as the assistant editor for most of these years."

The journal is in the process of scanning and posting back issues to its website, Studies in Comparative Religion. The following issues are currently available, with more to come:

Winter-Spring 1978: Volume 12, Number 1 and 2

Summer-Autumn 1978: Volume 12, Number 3 and 4

Winter-Spring 1979: Volume 13, Number 1 and 2

Summer-Autumn 1979: Volume 13, Number 3 and 4

Winter-Spring 1980: Volume 14, Number 1 and 2

Summer-Autumn 1980: Volume 14, Number 3 and 4

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