Friday, August 31, 2012

International Journal of Islamic Architecture

International Journal of Islamic Architecture
Although this new journal is not Open Access, publisher made the first two issues available free online.

Publisher invites institutions from developing countries to claim free online access to its journals portfolio. The list of eligible countries has been drawn-up using a study by the World Bank. Please click here to view the list of countries and download the application form. 

ISSN 2045-5895,
Online ISSN: 2045-5909

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The International Journal of Islamic Architecture (IJIA) is intended for those interested in urban design and planning, architecture, and landscape design in the historic Islamic world, encompassing the Middle East and parts of Africa and Asia, but also the more recent geographies of Islam in its global dimensions. The main emphasis is on detailed analysis of the practical, historical and theoretical aspects of architecture, with a focus on both design and its reception. The journal is also specifically interested in contemporary architecture and urban design in relation to social and cultural history, geography, politics, aesthetics, technology, and conservation. Spanning across cultures and disciplines, IJIA seeks to analyze and explain issues related to the built environment throughout the regions covered. The cross-cultural and interdisciplinary nature of this journal will significantly contribute to the knowledge in this field.
Publisher: Intellect

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