Wednesday, August 8, 2012

The Palestinian institution for cultural landscape studies

Al-Mashhad PICLS: The Palestinian institution for cultural landscape studies
The Palestinian institution for cultural landscape studies (Al-Mashhad) was established in 2001, as a Palestinian non governmental and non profit institution. The areas of our fieldwork and study include: landscape, environment, archaeology, conservation and other related fields.

Our aims are based on:
1. The maintenance of Palestinian cultural heritage, developing the local community capabilities to create long-term and sustainable management strategies over the cultural heritage, through the implementation of multidisciplinary approaches.
2. The re-conceptualization of the practice of archaeology, in Palestine in particular and the Eastern Mediterranean region in general, into one that is unbiased, unselective and unattached to the political agendas.
3. The essential implementation process of the spatial, regional and urban planning that enables the best methods of management, protection and preservation of sites, monuments, traditional towns and villages.
4. Creating an educational environment for the future professionals in the field through trainings, lectures, debates, capacity building in preparing reports and ensuring dissemination.

The major themes of this website are devoted to provide the reader with a compendious description of the PICLS, with emphasis on our main fields of interest such as landscape, conservation geography and cartography etc. We are looking forward to receiving reader's feedback through the email address indicated. All opinions are welcome as well as proposals for collaboration or volunteering in future projects, whether those projects are theoretical or fieldwork activities.

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