Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Arabic-English Lexicon

Arabic-English Lexicon
by Edward William Lane
(London: Willams & Norgate 1863)

available from
Tyndale Archive of Biblical Studies

Other titles:

Marcus Jastrow 1926
A Dictionary of the Targumim, the Talmud Babli and Yerushalmi, and the Midrashic Literature

Walter Ewing Crum 1939
A Coptic Dictionary
William Gesenius 1906
A Hebrew and English Lexicon of the Old Testament with an Appendix Containing the Biblical Aramaic
J. Payne Smith 1903
A Compendious Syriac Dictionary: Founded Upon the Thesaurus Syriacus of Robert Payne
W. Wilson 1850
The Bible Student«s Guide to the more Correct Understanding of the English Translation of the Old Testament, by Reference to the Original Hebrew

Other scanned works saved as large PDF files:
Francis Wakefield, ed. The First Nine Surahs of the Quran: With Lists of Passages in the Old Testament and Gospels, of which Verses or Expressions in the Quran Are Reminiscent (Istanbul, 1926). (324Mb)

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