Friday, December 24, 2010

Open Access Journal: Web Journal on Cultural Patrimony (WJCP)

Web Journal on Cultural Patrimony (WJCP)
Published under the auspices of the “Facoltà di Studi Arabo-Islamici e del Mediter­raneo” (University “L’Orientale” of Naples), Al-Quds University, Je­rusalem, and “OPBC in Areas of Crisis”.

“Web Journal on Cultural Patrimony” (WJCP) is a multi-disciplinary academic journal, focusing on the protection, conservation, valorization and study of international material as well as immaterial, cultural patrimony.

Founded and edited by Fabio Maniscalco, the journal was created in cooperation with numerous and prestigious universities and scientific institutions.

As an internet journal, “Web Journal on Cultural Patrimony” (WJCP) will be able to take advantage of the benefits of electronic communication to reach a wide and diverse audience of international Cultural Patrimony researchers and thus facilitate scholarly communication amongst colleagues and across borders. Although all scholars may submit articles for consideration, “Web Journal on Cultural Patrimony” (WJCP) especially ancourages contributions from graduate studies.

Naturally, publication decisions are based solely on the academic merit of submitted articles. In accordance with standard academic practice, articles submitted for publication to “Web Journal on Cultural Patrimony” (WJCP) are subject to a process of blind peer review.

Disciplines addressed by this journal are international and national law as is pertains to cultural and environmental patrimony; Archaeology; History, Art, History of Art; Architecture; History of Architecture; Civil Engineering; Town Planning; Computer Science; Physics; Geophysics; Chemistry and Biology applied at cultural and environmental patrimony; Geology; Anthropology; Ethnology; Geography; Economy; Languages and Literature such as oral history and traditions.

No subscription is required to access articles in the journal. It is possible, also, download single Articles or the Web Journal in PDF files.

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