Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Open Access Journal: Name-ye Iran-e Bastan

Name-ye Iran-e Bastan: The International Journal of Ancient Iranian Studies
Name-ye Iran-e Bastan:The International Journal of Ancient Iranian Studies (courtesy of Iran University Press), can be accessed through Sasanika. Our goal is to present all published volumes of the journal through this web-site in pdf format. At present, we have the first volume available for download. Please note that the file sizes are large and the download might take a long time. We are working towards presenting the content of Name-ye Iran-e Bastan in an easier to download version. Please forgive us for the present inconvenience.Name-ye Iran-e Bastan - Vol.1 No.1, Spring & Summer of 2001:
Name-ye Iran-e Bastan - Vol. 2 No.6, Fall & Winter of 2003, click here...

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