Friday, October 21, 2011

Digital library of Berber archives

Digital library of Berber archives 

A component of e-corpus
e-corpus is a collective digital library that catalogs and disseminates numerous documents: manuscripts, archives, books, journals, prints, audio recordings, video, etc.

This diverse platform presents cultural diversity worldwide and specifically in the Euro-Mediterranean region. e-corpus proposes a variety of themes and a large quantity of digital documents presented by numerous organizations and countries. Based on cutting edge technologies, e-corpus offers a simple and direct public access to a rich collection of resources.

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Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Open Access Journal: Sharqiyya

 [First posted in AMIR 6 January 2011. Updated 19 October 2011]



Sharqiyya is a new E-journal in English published twice a year by MEISAI and the Department of Middle East  and African History at Tel Aviv University. The journal is edited by research students and invites faculty, graduate students, and independent scholars to take part in a new and unique undertaking in the field of Middle East and African studies and history.

Sharqiyya: Vol. 1 No.1, Fall 2010 
Sharqiyya: Special Issue - The Arab Spring, Fall 2011