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Journal of Jewish Music and Liturgy

Journal of Jewish Music and Liturgy

Issues available online (pdf files):

Volume VII - 1984-1985

Volume XI - 1988-1989

Volume XII - 1989-1990

Volume XIV - 1991-1992

Volume XV - 1992-1993

Volume XVIII - 1995-1996

Reprint from volume XVII - 1994

Volume XXI - 1989-1999

Volume XXII - 1999-2000

Volume XXIII - 2000-2001

Journal of Halacha and Contemporary Society (some articles)

Vol. 1 - 1981 - pp. 5-27 - Bleich: The Prohibition Against Intermarriage
Vol. 1 - 1981 - pp. 53-102 - Cohen: Privacy: A Jewish Perspective
Vol. 1 - 1981 - pp. 103-132 - Schachter: Dina de'malchusa dina

Vol. 2 - 1981 - pp. 5-37 - Levine: Advertising and Promotional Activities
Vol. 2 - 1981 - pp. 38-63 - Cohen: Vegetarianism From A Jewish Perspective
Vol. 2 - 1981 - pp. 123-143 - Bleich: Mental Incompetence and Its implications in Jewish Law

Vol. 3 - 1982 - pp. 54-71 - Cohen: Chodosch - Is It Applicable in America?

Vol. 4 - 1982 - pp. 5-32 - Schachter: Halachic Aspects of Family Planning
Vol. 4 - 1982 - pp. 93-115 - Schachter: Various Aspects Of Adoption

Vol. 5 - 1983 - pp. 5-24 - Schachter: The Laws of Eruvin
Vol. 5 - 1983 - pp. 25-44 - Levine: Inflation Issues in Jewish Law
Vol. 5 - 1983 - pp. 45-64 - Fink: Halachic Aspects of Organ Transplantation
Vol. 5 - 1983 - pp. 92-108 - Cohen: Chalav Yisrael

Vol. 6 - 1983 - pp. 5-20 - Bleich: Parameters and Limits of Communal Unity from the Perspective of Jewish Law
Vol. 6 - 1983 - pp. 65-77 - Cohen: Kitniyot in Halachic Literature

Vol. 7 - 1984 - pp. 73-87 - Cohen: On Maintaining a Professional Confidence

Vol 8 - 1984 - pp. 5-13 - Lamm: Is it a Mitzvah to Administer medical Therapy?
Vol. 8 - 1984 - pp. 14-33 - Schachter: The Mitzvah of Yishuv Eretz Yisrael
Vol. 8 - 1984 - pp. 87-100 - Cohen: Chametz After Pesach

Vol. 9 - 1985 - pp. 68-75 - Bleich: Cosmetic Powder on Shabbat
Vol. 9 - 1985 - pp. 143-160 - Schachter: Determining Jewish Identity: Ethiopian Jewry

Vol. 10 - 1985 - pp. 5-29 - Cohen: Refuah On The Sabbath
Vol. 10 - 1985 - pp. 85-98 - Bleich: Artificial Feeling on Yom Kippur

Vol. 11 - 1986 - pp. 5-18 - Dratch: The ethics of Selecting a Political Candidate
Vol. 11 - 1986 - pp. 19-32 - Cohen: Animal Experimentation

Vol. 12 - 1986 - pp. 5-16 - Cohen: Celebration of the Bat Mitzvah

Vol. 14 - 1987 - pp. 7-47 - Kahn: Music in Halachic Perspective

Vol. 15 - 1988 - pp. 7-22 - Schachter: Is Canned Tuna Kosher?
Vol. 15 - 1988 - pp. 25-49 - Cohen: Tumeah of a Kohen

Vol. 16 - 1988 - pp. 26-42 - Cohen: Drafting Women for the Army
Vol. 16 - 1988 - pp. 56-70 - Bleich: Of Land, Peace, and Divine Command
Vol. 16 - 1988 - pp. 72-95 - Schachter: Land for Peace: A Halachic Perspective

Vol. 17 - 1989 - pp. 14-31 - Rosner/Tendler: Definition of Death in Judaism
Vol. 17 - 1989 - pp. 32-40 - Schachter: Determining Death
Vol. 17 - 1989 - pp. 41-48 - Soloveichik: Death According to the Halacha
Vol. 17 - 1989 - pp- 93.115 - Cohen: Brit Milah and the Specter of AIDS

Vol. 18 - 1989 - pp. 61-76 - Dratch: Suing Your Rabbi

Vol. 19 - 1990 - pp. 49-78 - Cohen: Tevilah of Utensils
Vol. 19 - 1990 - pp. 81-99 - Rosner: Unconventional Therapies and Judaism

Vol. 20 - 1990 - pp. 47-75 - Rosner: Rabbi Moshe Feinstein's Influence on Medical Halacha
Vol. 20 - 1990 - pp. 111-129 - Dratch: His Money or Her Life?

Vol. 21 - 1991 - pp. 60-83 - Pahmer: The International Date Line

Vol. 25 - 1993 - pp. 5-36 - Cohen: Protest Demonstrations
Vol. 25 - 1993 - pp. 37-48 - Rosner: Physicians' Strikes And Jewish Law

Vol. 26 - 1993 - pp. 110-128 - Cohen: Erev Pesach On Shabbat

Min-Ad: Israel Studies in Musicology Online

Min-Ad: Israel Studies in Musicology Online

Vol. 8 - 2010, issue I "Advancing Children through the Arts", and II "Honoring Prof. Bathia Churgin in Her 80th year"

Vol. 7 - 2008-2009, issue II

Vol. 7 - 2008-2009, issue I "Celebrating Israel's 61th Anniversary"

Vol. 6 - 2007-2008 "Celebrating Israel's 60th Anniversary"

Vol. 5 – 2006, issue II "Mozart in Context"

Vol. 5 - 2006, issue I

Vol. 4 - 2005

Vol. 3 - 2004

Vol. 2 - 2002

Vol. 1 - 1999

Open Access Journal: Journal of Modern Turkish Studies

Journal of Modern Turkish Studies
Publisher: Ankara : Ankara University, Dept. of Modern Turkish Dialects and Literature, 2004-
Journal of Modern Turkish Studies (JMTS) is the official e-journal of the Department of Modern Turkish Dialects and Literature, Ankara University, Faculty of Letters. The Journal is published as one volume of four issues per year in the following sequence of issues: March, June, September and December.

The scope of the Journal is Turkology and related fields. The editors are particularly interested in scholarly work in the following areas: All standard and non-standard varieties of Turkish language, written and oral Turkish literature, Turkish cultural and political history, socio-cultural and economical structures and international relations of modern Turkish societies.

It includes reviews of recent developments and book reviews as well as core theoretical and applied research papers. It also publishes occasional special issues principally devoted to particular themes.

Journal of Modern Turkish Studies is a peer-reviewed scholarly e-journal. It has been indexed by MLA (Modern Language Association) International Bibliography (New York/ABD).

Volume 7, Issue 4, December
Volume 7, Issue 3, September
Volume 7, Issue 2, June

Volume 6, Issue 4, December
Volume 6, Issue 3, September
Volume 6, Issue 2, June
Volume 6, Issue 1, March

Volume 5, Issue 4, December
Volume 5, Issue 3, September
Volume 5, Issue 2, June
Volume 5, Issue 1, March

Volume 4, Issue 4, December
Volume 4, Issue 3, September
Volume 4, Issue 2, June
Volume 4, Issue 1, March

Volume 3, Issue 4, December
Volume 2, Issue 3, September
Volume 3, Issue 2, June
Volume 3, Issue 1, March

Volume 2, Issue 4, December
Volume 2, Issue 3, September
Volume 2, Issue 2, June
Volume 2, Issue 1, March

Volume 1, Issue 1, November

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Open Access - Carnegie Publications

Carnegie Endowment publishes original analysis by leading experts from around the world. Specializing in nonpartisan research for policy makers, government officials, academics, and business readers, Carnegie publishes policy briefs, reports, Carnegie papers, and books addressing a wide range of issues.

Publications by project: Middle East

Afghanistan at the Breaking Point

Iran: A View from Moscow

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Open Access Journal: Washington Report on Middle East Affairs

Washington Report on Middle East Affairs
ISSN: 8755-4917
Publisher: Washington, D.C. : American Educational Trust


Open Access Journals: AIPAC Periodicals

Defense Digest

A monthly compilation of key articles highlighting the U.S.-Israel strategic relationship. More...

Homeland Security Monitor

A monthly compilation of articles focused on U.S.-Israel homeland security and defense cooperation. More...

Israel Connection

Published for Jewish holidays to provide synagogues with updates on exciting AIPAC events and Middle East-related news and policy updates. More...

Middle East Spotlight

A collection of timely editorial content designed for inclusion in synagogue newsletters and bulletins. More...

Near East Report

AIPAC's biweekly flagship publication, offering insight and analysis into the issues affecting the U.S.-Israel relationship. More...

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Open Access: Washington Institute for Near East Policy Publications

Free publications from Washington Institute for Near East Policy.

Open Access Journal: Middle East Quarterly

Middle East Quarterly
Publisher: Philadelphia, Pa. : Middle East Forum, ©1994-

2011: Winter | Spring | Summer | Fall
Winter | Spring | Summer | Fall
Winter | Spring | Summer | Fall
Winter | Spring | Summer | Fall
Winter | Spring | Summer | Fall
Winter | Spring | Summer | Fall
Winter | Spring | Summer | Fall
Winter | Spring | Summer | Fall
Winter | Spring | Summer | Fall
Winter | Spring | Summer | Fall
Winter | Spring | Summer | Fall
March | June | September | December
March | June | September | December
March | June | September | December
March | June | September | December
March | June | September | December
March | June | September | December
March | June | September | December

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Open Access Newsletters: bitterlemons

The bitterlemons publications reflect a joint Palestinian-Israeli effort to promote a civilized exchange of views about the Israel-Arab conflict and additional Middle East issues among a broad spectrum of participants.

The bitterlemons publications are produced, edited and in some cases written by Ghassan Khatib, a Palestinian, and Yossi Alpher, an Israeli (see short CVs below). Complete organizational and institutional symmetry is maintained between the Palestinian and Israeli partners.

Every edition of each bitterlemons publication is posted on the relevant website. Readers can obtain a free subscription by entering their email address at each website home page. No personal information is required.

Also of interest collection of documents:

Open Access Journal: Chroniques du manuscrit au Yémen

Chroniques du manuscrit au Yémen

Cette page rassemble des informations relatives aux manuscrits du Yémen et, au-delà, à des manifestations internationales concernant le manuscrit (rubrique « Actualités du manuscrit »). Elle inclut aussi bien les codex que les documents. Elle offre aussi des articles courts, toujours sur le thème des manuscrits du Yémen, mais incluant ceux qui, provenant du Yémen, se trouvent conservés dans d’autres pays (rubrique « Textes »).

This page provides information about the manuscripts of Yemen and about International events concerning manuscripts in general (heading « Actualités du manuscrit »). Manuscripts are taken to include both codices and documents. Short articles are posted under the heading « Textes ». They include reports on manuscripts presently in Yemen and on those which, although originating there, are now elsewhere.

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Open Access Journal: Jadaliyya

Jadaliyya is an independent Ezine produced by ASI (Arab Studies Institute), a network of writers associated with the Arab Studies Journal ( 
All writers are responsible for their own posts, and only their posts. Any and all content besides their posts does not reflect on them as this is a forum that includes various viewpoints, even if there is some overlap. This Ezine does not observe some standards regarding "adult" language. It is an open forum and some words may not be to the liking of all or some audiences. Readers/Viewers are to be hereby advised. If something appears to be excessive, please email us at

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UPDATE: Free Access to AskZad and Kotobarabia (Eastview)

There are still few days of free access to AskZad and Kotobarabia databases :

AskZad Pan-Arab Newspapers Database
Click here for access
Username: India
Password: Elephant

The Kotobarabia E-Library
Click here for access
The Modern Arab Renaissance,
Username: India
Password: chutney

Free access expires on Feb 28, 2011 :

For details see the original post :

Free Access to AskZad and Kotobarabia (Eastview)

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Repository of Tokyo University of Foreign Studies

Tokyo University of Foreign Studies (T.U.F.S.)

Repository includes digitized manuscripts and printed books
Rare Book and List of books linked full page images categories.
DjVu viewer.

Open Access Journal: Verde Islam

Title: Verde islam
ISSN: 1135-9153
Publisher: Almodóvar del Río (Córdoba) : Centro de Documentación y Publicaciones de Junta Islámica

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Open Access Journal: Tidsskrift for Islamforskning

Tidsskrift for Islamforskning
ISSN: 1901-9580
København : Forum for Islamforskning

2010: Islam og minoriteter, nr. 2 - 2010
Sharî’a i praksis: fatwa, forbrug og feminisme, nr. 1 - 2010
2008: Islam, muslimer og uddannelse, nr. 3 - 2008
Research on Islam Repositioned - New Agendas in the study of Islam and Muslims in a politicised research field, nr. 2 - 2008
Islam & institutioner, nr. 1 - 2008
Hverdagsislam, nr. 1 - 2007
Danske koranstudier, nr. 1 - 2006

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Open Access Journal: Tulaytula: Revista de la Asociación de Amigos del Toledo Islámico

Tulaytula: Revista de la Asociación de Amigos del Toledo Islámico

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Bibliotheca Alexandrina - Digital Assets Repository (DAR)

Digital Assets Repository (DAR) at the Bibliotheca Alexandrina

DAR is a system to create and maintain library's digital collections. DAR acts as a repository for all types of digital material, thus preserving and archiving the digital media as well as, providing public access to digitized collections through a web-based search and browsing facilities.

Over 170,000 books are now available on DAR's website. For books that are out-of-copyright, their contents are fully available on the Internet. For books that are in copyright, Internet users can browse only 5% of the book, with a minimum of 10 pages. However, all the books are digitally available inside BA. Further more, for in copyright books, the publishing module allows simultaneous access to the number of books purchased by BA only to intranet users.

Advanced search interface allows to search by Subject, Author, Language or Collection and is available here

Bibliotheca Alexandrina - Sadat Collection

    Sadat Digital Archive

  • This project is a collaborative effort between ISIS and the Special Projects Department . It provides the collection of late President Sadat in a searchable form for historians, politicians and researchers to analyze and study one of the most important transitional periods in Egyptian history. The project compiles all the material pertaining to the late President Anwar El Sadat in a digital archive documenting an important epoch in the discourse of the Egyptian history. Chronicles of the glorious October battle, the protocols of Camp David Accord, the interviews of the late President with local and international broadcasts, all are available in an audio or video formats among other 220 documentary films featuring El Sadat on different occasions. The material was compiled from different sources, like news agencies, museums, and various other institutions, in addition to the collection graciously granted by the late President’s family. The collection was published on the Internet with tools and features that facilitate easy navigation through the materials, as well as the capability to perform comprehensive searches among the different sections and categories of data.

Bibliotheca Alexandrina - Nasser Collection

Gamal Abdel Nasser Digital Archive

  • Gamal Abdel Nasser Digital Archive

  • A rich repository documenting the life of the late President Gamal Abdel Nasser, using a collection of different media pertaining to his presidency period. The collection of documents, photos, movies, speeches, etc, were donated to the Library of Alexandria by Nasser Foundation to be scanned, cataloged, indexed and subjected to optical character recognition (OCR), and availed to the users in a searchable easy to browse interface. The collection is continuously being updated with new items. One of the recent updates is the “This day in history” feature, which allows users to view events, news, speeches, or documentary movies that happened in a certain year on the same day. The collection has also been expanded with new material including 43 speeches in video and audio, 29 greeting cards, 13 pamphlets released by the Free Officers Movement, and 22 documents containing meeting minutes of the Egyptian Cabinet in 1,176 pages.

Bibliotheca Alexandrina - Eternal Egypt

Eternal Egypt

Interactive, multimedia experience of Egyptian cultural artifacts, places and history for a global audience. The website covers descriptions of more than 2,000 artifacts, key historical characters and archeological sites and wraps them in a variety of stories and virtual tours of famous sites and museums. The descriptive information is available in three languages: Arabic, English, and French.

Art of the Old and Middle Kingdom Hanging Lamp with Inscriptions Painted Tablet Depicting a Cross Mummy of a Young Woman
Art of the Old and Middle Kingdom (Collection of Articles) Hanging Lamp with Inscriptions (Artifact) Painted Tablet Depicting a Cross (Artifact) Mummy of a Young Woman (Artifact)