Monday, February 7, 2011

Open Access Journal: Tavoos Art Magazine

Tavoos Art Magazine

Tavoos website is the electronic newsletter of "Iranian Art Publishing", founded and directed by "Manijeh Mir-Emadi"(Nasseri) in 1992, publishing a series of bilingual (Persian-English) exquisite books on Iranian visual-art artists. By 1999 the absence of a specialized art journal dealing solely with Iranian art and artists was strongly felt and that is how Tavoos Art Quarterly came into existence. The aim was to present a continuous precise picture of various art fields from painting, architecture, sculpture, to cinematography, theater, photography, as well as presentation of specialized analytical articles on the history of Iranian arts and archeology in the form of a comprehensive unique bilingual art encyclopedia. Publication of Tavoos was ceased due to various reasons in 2001 with six volumes already published and another six volumes and a few special editions ready for print. Despite that Tavoos continued to represent significant art activities of Iranians throughout the world by maintaining its relation with artists, art trainers, art centers, universities, libraries, galleries and museums inside and outside the country.
Following the pause in the publication of Tavoos Art Quarterly, Tavoos website ( was put into operation posting 110 newsletters on monthly basis at first and only in English. Recently the site was reconstructed in such a way as to be able to cover art news bilingually (Persian and English) on daily basis and to cover art activities of Iranian artists inside and outside the country.

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