Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Digital Library of the Middle East - Proposal

Digital Library of the Middle East

"CLIR is working with The Antiquities Coalition and other institutions in the United States and abroad to explore the feasibility and technical prototyping of a Digital Library of the Middle East (DLME). The DLME would create a digitally based, internationally shared inventory of cultural artifacts that includes detailed descriptions and images, and confirms objects’ ownership and legal status. This information would help determine whether an item of cultural or historical significance offered for sale or being transferred was acquired illegally. Images and brief descriptions from the DLME could be made publicly available to encourage greater understanding of the region's cultural legacy and respect for the importance of the cultural commonwealth, while helping to safeguard a fundamentally important expression of our humanity.
The initial stage of this work is supported with a planning grant from The Andrew W. Mellon Foundation. Read the news release.
An abridged version of the planning grant proposal is available here.
Read CLIR President Charles Henry's blog, "A Digital Library for the Middle East".

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Open Access Directory - Who Is She in Lebanon

"The Who Is She in Lebanon is an online database with profiles of prominent contemporary Lebanese women. This project started in 2008 following a bilateral partnership between the Institute for Women’s Studies in the Arab World (IWSAW) at the Lebanese American University (LAU) and KVINFO, the Danish Centre for Information on Women and Gender, a grant-maintained self-governing institution under the jurisdiction of the Ministry of Culture in Denmark... "

Open Access Directory - Who Is She in Egypt

"Who is She in Egypt" is a database of distinguished Egyptian women experts.  It provides Arabic and English profiles on outstanding Egyptian Women in their particular field. The database aims at raising awareness among the society that there are expert and competent Egyptian Women in all fields of life. It is designed to be a reference to organizations, researchers, activists, media practitioners and all the users who want to find an Egyptian woman expert in a particular field..."

Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Council on Foreign Relations - publications and other free resources on the Middle East and North Africa.

"The CFR Campus LibGuide highlights a selection of free educational resources about U.S. foreign policy and international affairs from the Council on Foreign Relations. You can link to this LibGuide from your website or copy it to create or supplement your own LibGuides."

Monday, November 7, 2016

Open Access Database: BÜLENT ECEVİT ARTICLES - Arts and Politics in the 1950s

BÜLENT ECEVİT ARTICLES - Arts and Politics in the 1950s

"This online database consists of some 1,500 Turkish- and English-language articles written by Bülent Ecevit between 1950 and 1961, the majority of them for the prominent daily paper Ulus. While much is known of Ecevit’s long career as a statesman–beginning with his service as Minister of Labor 1961 and lasting well into the 2000s–this early chapter in his life remains largely unknown. Yet the cultural commentary, art criticism, political analyses and travel writings that he produced in the 1950s constitute an extraordinarily prolific and consistent body of work on the importance of civic culture and democracy. The columns reveal the seeds of his later political thought, as well as giving a new perspective on the importance of the arts to his intellectual life."

Thursday, November 3, 2016

Open Access Journal: Journal of American Studies of Turkey

ISSN: 1300-6606

A semiannual publication of the American Studies Association of Turkey, Journal of American Studies of Turkey operates with a blind peer referee system. It publishes transdisciplinary work in English by scholars of any nationality on American literature, history, art, music, film, popular culture, institutions, politics, economics, geography, and related subjects. Contributors need not be members of the American Studies Association of Turkey.

Articles which cross conventional borders between academic disciplines are particularly welcome, as are comparative studies of American and other cultures. The journal also publishes notes, comments, book and film reviews. Details about the submission of manuscripts are given at the back.
The American Studies Association of Turkey disclaims responsibility for statements, whether of fact or opinion, made by contributors.

The American Studies Association of Turkey was founded in 1988 to promote American Studies in Turkey and where possible to assist Turkish and non-Turkish scholars working in the field by providing material and funds. It also aims to further research and publication in Turkish-American comparative studies.

Journal of American Studies of Turkey has been indexed in the MLA International Bibliography, Ulrich’s International Periodicals Directory, and the American Humanities Index since the publication of its first issue of Spring 1995, and in the MLA Directory of Periodicals since 1999

JSTOR survey on journals of historical significance in Arabic

JSTOR, the archive of scholarly content, is seeking to expand to include journals in more languages in its corpus, to reflect the global scholarly community and serve more scholars around the world. Arabic is one of these languages. This brief survey provides an opportunity for librarians, faculty, and scholars to share expertise on journals of historical significance in Arabic, and to voice opinions on building a corpus of digital journal content in Arabic, as well as in the discipline of Middle East Studies more generally. Input on the shaping of such a project is most welcome. This survey can be accessed here: