Thursday, November 29, 2018

Open Access Database: Arabic Ontology

Arabic Ontology الأنطولوجيا العربية

The Arabic Ontology
An Arabic Wordnet with ontologically-clean content.
Classification of the meanings of the Arabic terms, based on state-of-art science, rather than on speakers' naïve knowledge.

150 Dictionaries
Multilingual dictionaries were digitized and integrated. Only the semantic features (definitions, synonyms, translations) are currently displayed, soon the morphological features.

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Islamic Painted Page: A database of Islamic Arts of the Book

Islamic Painted Page: A database of Islamic Arts of the Book

[First posted in AMIR on  December 4, 2014, updated November 28, 2018]
Welcome to the Islamic Painted Page database - a huge database of references for Persian paintings, Ottoman paintings, Arab paintings and Mughal paintings. This site enables you to locate printed reproductions, commentaries and weblinks for thousands of Islamic paintings, including illuminated "carpet" pages, decorated Quran pages, and book bindings from over 230 collections all over the world.

You can also create your own account within the website, where you can bookmark specific searches, add your own notes for each item, and suggest corrections direct to the administrator. We warmly encourage you to provide feedback or make suggestions via the contact page so that we can improve the site

Tuesday, November 27, 2018

Open Access Report: Bed and Breakfast on Stolen Land : Tourist Rental Listings in West Bank Settlements

Bed and Breakfast on Stolen Land : Tourist Rental Listings in West Bank Settlements
Publisher: New York : Human Rights Watch.
Date : 2018
65 pages
ISBN: 9781623136796

The Kurds : history, religion, language, politics

The Kurds : history, religion, language, politics
Author:     Wolfgang Taucher
Publisher:     Vienna : Austrian Federal Ministry of the Interior, [2015] ©2015
ISBN: 9783950364361
184 pages : illustrations (chiefly color), maps.

Kurdish identity in the Ottoman Empire / Janet Klein --
A religious landscape of the Kurds / Diane King --
The language varieties of the Kurds / Jaffer Sheyholislami --
Kurdish political parties in Turkey / Walter-Josef Fend --
The changing faces of the PKK / Walter Posch --
Kurdish political parties in Syria / Sabina Catar --
Kurdish political parties in Irak / Sebastian Bauer --
Kurdish political parties in Iran / Simone Langanger --
Map : Kurds in the Middle East.

Monday, November 26, 2018

Atlas Afghanistan

Title: Atlas Afghanistan
Authors: Wolfgang Taucher - Mathias Vogl - Peter Webinger
Publisher: Vienna: Austrian Federal Ministry of the Interior,
Date: 2018
75 pages, maps.

ISBN: 9783903109100


Regional overview 6
Physiography 10
Satellite images
Kabul  12
Herat 14
Kandahar 16
Mazar-e Sharif 18
Jalalabad  20
Ethnic groups 22
Religious groups 24
Oil and gas fields
Oil and gas fields 26
Security Situation
Security situation Provinces  28
Security situation Districts  30
Sources  75

Tuesday, November 6, 2018

Bibliography of the Arabic Bible: A Classified and Annotated History of Scholarship

Bibliography of the Arabic Bible: A Classified and Annotated History of Scholarship$app-root/resources/img/bibl-banner.png
In this research tool, we seek to provide a comprehensive and fully annotated bibliography of text editions and research in the field of Arabic Bible. Historical translations of the Bible into Arabic comprise countless manuscripts and fragments from the medieval period found in monasteries throughout the Middle East and libraries across the globe, as well as early and recent prints produced in Europe and in Arabic-speaking lands. These translations were made by Jews, Christians, and Samaritans, and were also used by Muslims in their discussions with members of the other Abrahamic religions. Arabic versions of the Bible were also translated from biblical materials in many different source languages, including Hebrew, Aramaic (Jewish Aramaic and Syriac), Latin, Greek, Coptic. This Bibliography of the Arabic Bible aims to aims to capture the history of research to date and to encompass the entire breadth of these translations, in keeping with the focus of the original research project, Biblia Arabica: The Bible in Arabic among Jews, Christians and Muslims.



Edited by Ronny Vollandt


Edited by Robert Turnbull and Vevian Zaki

Pauline Epistles

Edited by Vevian Zaki

Qaraite Translations

Edited by Michael Wechsler and Ronny Vollandt