Friday, November 30, 2012

Middle Eastern Film Posters Digitization Initiative

Middle Eastern Film Posters Digitization Initiative

from Princeton University Digital Library (PUDL)
"Princeton University Library’s Arabic Movie Posters and Lobby Cards Collection was acquired in Lebanon in 2008 and is comprised of 1,748 posters and 768 lobby cards. Egyptian posters predominate with 1,474, reflecting the unchallenged prominence of Egypt in the production of Arabic feature films. Some 150 posters are for Lebanese films, 113 Syrian and 11 Iraqi. The purpose of the posters was to advertize coming attractions, and they represent films produced from 1935 to 2007. Most of the posters are on standard Arab single-sheet size paper. However, many are on non-standard sheets. Similarly, there are posters that are composed on multiple sheets, including some on twenty-four sheets meant for display on the side of multi-story buildings. The lobbies cards, also for coming attractions and meant for display in theater lobbies, are composed of multiple still shots taken on movie sets and affixed to standard–sized cardboard. They represent 172 films produced in Egypt (145), Lebanon (13) and Syria (14) from 1964 to 2007."

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Open Access Journal Archive: Kitāb-i haftah [1961-1963]

كتاب هفته
Kitāb-i haftah
Editors: Muḥsin Hashtrūdī, Aḥmad Shāmlū.
Publisher: Tihrān : Sāzmān-i Chāp va Intishārāt-i Kayhān, 1340-1342 [1961-1963]
Available: nos. 1-3, 5-9, 11-12, 17-19

KHN001P001.jpg KHN002P001.jpg KHN003P001.jpg KHN005P001.jpg KHN006P000.JPG KHN007P001.jpg KHN008P001.jpg
KHN009P001.JPG KHN011P001.JPG KHN012P001.jpg KHN017P001.JPG KHN018P001.jpg KHN019P001.JPG

Open Access Journal Archive: Kitāb-i jumʻah (nos. 1-36 ; [1979-1980])

كتاب جمعه
Kitāb-i jumʻah.
Ketab-e Jom'e - a weekly for literary, social and scientific issues
Editor:  Aḥmad Shāmlū
Publisher:  Tihrān : Intishārāt-i Māzyār, 1979-1980
Available: nos. 1-36; 1358-1359 [1979-1980]

Jeld01.jpg Jeld02.jpg Jeld03.jpg Jeld04.jpg Jeld05.jpg Jeld06.jpg Jeld07.jpg Jeld08.jpg
Jeld09.jpg Jeld10.jpg Jeld11.jpg Jeld12.jpg Jeld13.jpg Jeld14.jpg Jeld15.jpg Jeld16.jpg
Jeld17.jpg Jeld18.jpg Jeld19.jpg Jeld20.jpg Jeld21.jpg Jeld22.jpg Jeld23.jpg Jeld24.jpg
Jeld25.jpg Jeld26.jpg Jeld27.jpg Jeld28.jpg Jeld29.jpg Jeld30.jpg Jeld31.jpg Jeld32.jpg
Jeld33.jpg Jeld34.jpg Jeld35.jpg