Sunday, January 31, 2021

eShia Digital Library

eShia Library is a large digital library of religious, historical and legal texts focused primarily on Shia Islam. It contains over six thousand titles with  information and extracts from quite recent or contemporary scholars and theologians which may not be seen elsewhere. 

Individual titles have have been transcribed not digitized but a random check on few titles seem to indicate that the publication and edition information is retained.  Download is limited to 30 pages only.

Wednesday, January 27, 2021

Open Access Digital Library - al-Hakawati - Digital Public Library of Arab and Islamic Culture

al-Hakawati - 
Digital Public Library of Arab and Islamic Culture

[First posted Dec 19, 2010, updated Jan 27, 2021]

Published : [Beirut, Lebanon?] : Arab Cultural Trust
ISSN: 2379-7290
Arabic and English versions available.

al-Hakawati is the Arabic word for storyteller. The website is a free educational resource and reference made possible by the Arab Cultural Trust. The content is arranged thematically in ten sections, each with several subsections. New entries are regularly added to the website.

Topics include: stories & tales, personalities, states, cities & regions, civilizations, arts & artists, histories & culture, environment, architecture and religion.

Monday, January 25, 2021

Digital Ottoman Studies

Digital Ottoman Studies
"Digital Humanities is a new field that grows rapidly in the academic environment. This website is designed as a hub for digital projects, tools, events, publications, and platforms to contribute to Digital Humanities from the perspective of Ottoman and Turkish Studies. The 600-year-old Ottoman Empire's archival heritage, spanning diverse ethnic and geographical regions, holds high potential for digital humanities. This website aims to create a digital network for future projects by bringing together studies, people, and institutions. "

Tuesday, January 19, 2021

Iraq Heritage Stabilization Program

The Iraq Heritage Stabilization Program (IHSP) is a project-oriented initiative dedicated to supporting Iraqi communities affected by conflict and cultural cleansing and empowering Iraqi heritage professionals to protect and preserve Iraq’s rich cultural heritage. Established in 2018, IHSP has implemented more than ten projects to assess, stabilize, and restore heritage in northern and central Iraq through the support of public and private institutions. IHSP is based in the University of Pennsylvania’s Department of Near Eastern Languages and Civilizations.



Digital Catalogue of a Photographic Archive of Cairo - The Photographs of Beniamino Facchinelli (1839-1895)

Open Access Digital Catalogue of a Photographic Archive of Cairo - The Photographs of Beniamino Facchinelli (1839-1895)

"I am pleased to release of the digital catalogue of views of Cairo's monumental heritage taken by Italian photographer Beniamino Facchinelli (1839-1895) after his settling in 1875 in the Egyptian capital, where he died twenty years later. The catalogue currently features 726 high-definition reproductions of images identified among the holdings of six libraries and museums across the globe; it is designed to incorporate further ones as they appear in collections willing to share their content in full Open Access mode. 

It is estimated that Facchinelli produced about 1200 topographical views during his stay in Egypt, of which 900 have been already listed and located, though not all copyright-cleared yet. All images are authenticated through cross-referencing, and their original captions are listed in the entries, as well as the albums and publications where they were reproduced. The whole represents a unique documentation on buildings which have either disappeared since then, or been radically transformed in course of restoration; it also includes rare views on their furnishings. Because the photographs of the reconstructed corpus were often commissioned by dedicated preservationists and inserted in their publications (although without any credit to their author), one can closely follow through them how a vanishing architectural, visual and material culture was then viewed, valued and defended."

[Mercedes Volait  - CNRS Research Professor at InVisu  via H-Islamart ]

Thursday, January 14, 2021

Open Access Journal Archive: العربى = al-ʻArabī (1958-1973, 1985-1990)


al-ʻArabī = العربى  
Published: [Kuwayt] : [publisher not identified], 1958-
Editor: Editor: Ahmad Zakī
ISSN: 0258-3941

Other titles:

Alaraby : Fabr-ayir 1963-Aghustus 1973
Arabi : Ukt-ubir 1980-
Alarabi : Sibtambir 1973-Sibtambir 1980

Alphabetical List of Open Access Historical Newspapers and Other Periodicals in Middle East & Islamic Studies

Wednesday, January 6, 2021

OA Book: Fleeing from Fate to Fate: Aḥādīth on Contagion and Pandemics


A collection of 40 Ḥadīth related to the pandemic. Published by MT Karaan, Strand, Cape Town, South Africa.