Friday, August 30, 2013

Free access to three journals from Brill.

Brill Publishing offers free individual access to 3 journals in Asian
Studies Program, by using an access token:

- Journal of Muslims in Europe, using token number JOME4U (valid until 31
December 2013)
- Journal of Sufi Studies, using token number JSS4U (valid until 31 December
- Intellectual History of the Islamicate World, using token number IHIW4U
(valid until 31 December 2014)

Activate your free access in 4 easy steps:

1.   go to

2.   register to create your own user account

3.   go to my account and click on add content

4.   enter access token (see above) and manage your publication alerts

For more information, please check here:

Monday, August 26, 2013

Mandaean Resources Online

Mandaean Resources Online
Brian Mubaraki, whose photos of a Mandi in Australia and of Mandaean handicrafts I shared earlier in the summer, has provided me with a number of Mandaean digital resources, in order that I might provide an online home for them.

Mandaean Diwans
Diwan Alma Rishaia Zuta Diwan Dmuth Kushta Diwan Haran Gauaitha Diwan Malkutha laitha Diwan Nahrautha Masbuta d Hibil Ziwa

Ginza Rba in XPS format
Ginza Rba Book 01.xps Ginza Rba Book 02.xps Ginza Rba Book 03.xps Ginza Rba Book 04.xps Ginza Rba Book 05.xps

Transliterated Ginza
TRANS1.pdf TRANS2.pdf TRANS3.pdf TRANS4.pdf TRANS5.pdf TRANS6.pdf TRANS7.pdf TRANS8.pdf TRANS9.pdf TRANS10.pdf TRANS11.pdf TRANS12.pdf TRANS13.pdf TRANS14.pdf TRANS15.pdf TRANS16.pdf TRANS17.pdf TRANS18.pdf TRANS19.pdf TRANS20.pdf TRANS21.pdf

Qulasta Book 1 and 2 Transliterated Qulasta Niania Qabin Niania II Qulasta Sidra d Nishmata

Majid Fandi in Arabic
Majid Fandi in Arabic – The Principles of the Sabian Mandaeans
Majid Fandi – Mandaean Studies – Arabic Part 1 of 5
Majid Fandi – Mandaean Studies – Arabic Part 2 of 5
Majid Fandi – Mandaean Studies – Arabic Part 3 of 5
Majid Fandi – Mandaean Studies – Arabic Part 4 of 5
Majid Fandi – Mandaean Studies – Arabic Part 5 of 5

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Thursday, August 22, 2013

Middle East Teaching Tools: Resources for Educators

"Middle East Teaching Tools offers a collection of the best tools and resources to support education about the Middle East at the K-12 level. Materials are organized by country and theme and categorized into three sections, background information, news & media, and teaching materials.

Middle East Teaching Tools is supported by the Middle East Studies Center at Portland State University. The Center promotes a critical understanding of the region with programs that reflect its diversity and provide insight into the histories, cultures, languages, religions, politics and contemporary issues of the Middle East. The Center offers other free programs for educators, including day-long workshops, consulting services, lesson plan development, speaker referrals, and a monthly e-newsletter. The Middle East Studies Center also maintains a resource library with free borrowing privileges for the public."

Friday, August 16, 2013

Open Access Journal: Kashmir Lit

Kashmir Lit: An Online Journal of Kashmiri & Diasporic Writing

"Kashmir Lit is a platform for all those interested to write about Kashmir, particularly Kashmiri and diaspora writers. We will endeavor to feature credible authors who will
  • Enhance awareness of and be a good resource on all things Kashmiri
  • Garner moral support from people interested in Kashmir
  • Create new opportunities for writing about Kashmir through virtual and actual workshops, and interactions
Kashmir Lit, the word ‘Lit’ should not be confused with being short for “Literature” as in popular parlance. It is to be read as a whole word which means “set afire or burning”."