Wednesday, December 6, 2023

Iranian Performance Arts Journals Pre-1979 (EAP1200)

Iranian Performance Arts Journals Pre-1979

Endangered Archives Programme -British Library

Aims and objectives

"...digitalizing a selection of rare Persian journals relating to the Performing Arts, printed in Iran from roughly 1920 though 1979. These are journals that are not held in any public or academic libraries inside or outside Iran. We have selected a list of journals that contain essential historical material on performance art and popular culture in Iran before 1979"


The project team digitised periodicals from a number of different collections. Periodicals digitised include: 

Italla'at Banuan (Women's Information)
Tehran Musavar (Tehran Illustrated)
Tufiq (Success)
Nigin (Jewel)
Sipid u Siyah (White and Black)
Tilāsh (Effort)
Hunar va Cinema (Art and Cinema)
Film va Hunar (Film and Art)
Sitara_sinima (Movie Star)
Hollywood (Hollywood)
Tamasha (Viewing)
Faslnameh Tā’tr (Theater Quartly)
Naqsh Nigar (Designs and Embellishments)
Rudaki Māh-nāmeh farhangi-hunari (Rudaki a Culture and Arts Monthly Journal)
Muzik Iran (Iran Music)
Majaleh Musiqi (Music Journal)
Majaleh Musiqi Radio Tehran/Iran (Music of Radio Tehran/Iran Journal)
Rādiaw Tihran_Iran (Radio Tehran_Iran)

An overview of the catalogue records can be viewed here:

EAP1200/1: Iranian Performance Journals (1923-1979)