Friday, February 4, 2011

Free Access to AskZad and Kotobarabia (Eastview) - UPDATE

In light of the dramatic events unfolding in Egypt, East View, along with its partners in Cairo, Arabia Inform and Kotobarabia, wish to extend free access to the AskZad and Kotobarabia information platforms.

Feel free to access news and information from Egypt with the following username and password from now until Feb 28, 2011 (at no cost or obligation):

Username: India
Password: chutney

Follow the links to search and find the latest information available from the following databases:

AskZad Pan-Arab Newspapers Database
is the product of Arabia Inform's open source intelligence efforts to serve the Middle East's leading national policymakers. Created by over 1,100 Cairo-based media specialists working 24/7 to monitor, index and capture virtually every significant news outlet in the Arab world, PANI is growing by 10,000+ article units per day. Each unit is analyzed and indexed according to a robust methodology, and then aggregated in real time with an archive dating back to 1998.

Click here for access

The Kotobarabia E-Library holds over 4,500 e-book titles reflecting modern thought and philosophy of all types of publications: fiction, non-fiction, scholarly and popular, written by Arab authors. The collection is not censored. In light of this, there is a book category on the interface called "Banned Books". Click here for access.

The Modern Arab Renaissance, which covers the mid-19th to mid-20th century, with content from across the Islamic World, with special focus on Egypt and Syria. This 3,000 title collection covers the sciences and humanities: philosophy and theology, literature, arts, history and politics, including writings from Mahmoud Abdo, Gamal El Din El Afgahany and Rashid Reda.

Click here for access.

Although these are subscription-based databases, there is no cost or obligation during this month-long trial. We would appreciate any feedback you can provide. Please contact us at

UPDATE: (2/3/11) Username/Password does not work for AskZad Newspaper Database. We will post update when access is available.

UPDATE: (2/4/11) For trial access to AskZad Newspaper Database use:

Username: India

Password: Elephant

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