Wednesday, August 10, 2011

"Journal of Near & Middle Eastern Studies" becomes "Orient"

Orient: A Near & Middle Eastern Civilizations Student Union Publication (formerly Journal of Near & Middle Eastern Studies)

This is the new name of Journal of Near & Middle Eastern Studies
"The NMCSU represents students at the University of Toronto enrolled in NMC courses and those working towards an NMC minor, major, or specialist.

We serve as a liaison between students and faculty to help improve the student experience and make their voices heard. By organizing lectures, discussions, film festivals, graduate seminars, and socials pertaining to the historical and contemporary Middle East, we bring a sense of community and an advancing academic environment to the NMC department. We also process all NMC course evaluations to help students learn more about their courses and professors.
Also, as of 2010, we are proud to announce the coming NMCSU Academic Journal. Please click here for more information regarding the Journal.

Editor’s Note
On behalf of the NMCSU executive, we are proud to present you with the fourth edition of the Journal of Near and Middle Eastern Studies. After much deliberation we have decided to unveil a new name: Orient. There are many different interpretations of this word. We can look at the Orient as in the countries of the East; a pearl of luster and of the highest quality; or the verb of situating yourself. Either way, we found this an appropriate first impression for readers of this edition."
Alphabetical List of Open Access Journals in Middle Eastern Studies

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