Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Open Access Journal: Bulletin of the Association for the Study of Travel in Egypt and the Near East (ASTENE)

 [First posted in AMIR 31 December 2011, updated 16 July 2014]

Bulletin of the Association for the Study of Travel in Egypt and the Near East (ASTENE)
ISSN 1461-­4316
The ASTENE Bulletin is published four times a year and aims to keep members informed of research interests and queries in the field of travel in Egypt and the Near East. Members are encouraged to submit information and material for the Bulletin relating to on-going research and interests, conferences etc.

There is also a focus on useful subject-related bibliographies and biographies. The Bulletin contains the following regular or semi-regular features: articles — perhaps on work in progress, which should be no more than 2,000 words; select bibliographies; features on research resources; ASTENE news: publications, conferences, seminars, exhibitions etc.; other exhibitions, conferences of interest; announcements of relevant books/articles — in preparation, forthcoming, recently published; members' notes and queries.

Submissions for the next Bulletin must be received by 15th December 2010. We welcome articles, queries, replies and other related matters from members. Please send the contributions to the Editors, Sheila and Russell McGuirk via email at
Bulletin No.57 Autumn 2013
Bulletin No.56 Summer 2013
Bulletin No.55 Spring 2013
Bulletin No.54 Winter 2012/13
Bulletin No.53 Autumn 2012
Bulletin No.52 Summer 2012
Bulletin No.51 Spring 2012
Bulletin No.50 Winter 2011/12
Bulletin No.49 Autumn 2011
Bulletin No.48 Summer 2011
Bulletin No.47 Spring 2011
Bulletin No.46 Winter 2010/11
Bulletin No.45 Autumn 2010
Bulletin No.44 Summer 2010
Bulletin No.43 Spring 2010
Bulletin No.42 Winter 2009/10
Bulletin No.41 Autumn 2009
Bulletin No.40 Summer 2009
Bulletin No.39 Spring 2009
Bulletin No.38 Winter 2008/09
Bulletin No.37 Autumn 2008
Bulletin No.36 Summer 2008
Bulletin No.35 Spring 2008
Bulletin No.34 Winter 2007
Bulletin No.33 Autumn 2007
Bulletin No.32 Summer 2007
Bulletin No.31 Spring 2007
Bulletin No.30 Winter 2006-7
Bulletin No.29 Winter 2006
Bulletin No.28 Summer 2006
Bulletin No.27 Spring 2006
Bulletin No.26 Winter 2005
Bulletin No.25 Autumn 2005
Bulletin No.24 Summer 2005
Bulletin No.23 Spring 2005
Bulletin No.22 Winter 2004
Bulletin No.21 Autumn 2004
Bulletin No.20 Summer 2004
Bulletin No.19 Spring 2004
Bulletin No.18 Winter 2003
Bulletin No.17 Autumn 2003
Bulletin No.16 Summer 2003
Bulletin No.15 Spring 2003
Bulletin No.14 Supplement Winter 2002
Bulletin No. 14 Autumn 2002
Bulletin No.13 Spring 2002
Bulletin No.12 October 2001
Bulletin No.11 April 2001
Bulletin No.10 October 2000
Bulletin No.9 April 2000
Bulletin No.8 October 1999
Bulletin No.7 April 1999
Bulletin No.6 October 1998
Bulletin No.5 April 1998
Bulletin No.4 October 1997
Bulletin No.3 December 1996
Bulletin No.2 August 1996
Bulletin No.1 July 1995

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