Friday, February 17, 2012

Historical Photographs of the Land of Israel

Historical Photographs of the Land of Israel

The Land of Israel has always attracted professional and amateur photographers. Over the years, archives, institutions and individuals have kept rare collections, documenting its unique views and people. The university's library operates for the digital conservation and documentation of these contents, in order to keep them from wearing out and to provide accessibility for education and research purposes.

In the website are photographs from various sources that were donated to the library's Digital Media Center.

The digital collection is part of the work done by the library of Haifa University. Its purpose is to expose and provide accessibility to historical photographs of the Land of Israel. The project started as cooperation with the department of Land of Israel Studies in Haifa University and Bitmuna project.

The library staff scans and catalogues the photographs. Identification of documented locations, people and events is done with the help of collection owners, information received from users, and the kind help of Mr. Roni Kenisberg.

The website allows access to the library's photographs collections according to theme, chronology or geography. It also allows access to the Digital Media Center's search options, where you can search freely for various materials.

All the photographs in the Historical Photographs of the Land of Israel website are available to the public, under fair use and copyright limitations.

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