Saturday, April 28, 2012

Open Access Journal: Lights: The MESSA Quarterly

Lights: The MESSA Quarterly

As a publication of the Middle East Studies Students Association at the University of Chicago, Lights aspires to provide a forum for scholarly work on the Middle East, particularly for those students pursuing a Master’s Degree at the University. We are a non-political and peer-reviewed publication, seeking to foster understanding of the region and its people and offer a space for intellectual exchange.

Lights adheres to high standards of scholarship, choosing the work that it publishes in consultation with University of Chicago faculty members. All submissions are considered anonymously and evaluated on their scholarly and stylistic merits. We select papers that explore the political, linguistic, historical, and cultural significance of the Middle East; works that transcend limitations across formal cultural and ideological boundaries, with varying aesthetic approaches.
We are proud to present this, many further editions of Lights.

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