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Metropolitan Museum of Art Publications: Titles with full-text online

MetPublications is a portal to the Met’s comprehensive publishing program. Beginning with nearly 650 titles published from 1964 to the present, this resource will continue to expand and could eventually offer access to nearly all books, Bulletins, and Journals published by the Metropolitan Museum since the Met's founding in 1870. It will also include online publications.

MetPublications includes a description and table of contents for almost every title, as well as information about the authors, reviews, awards, and links to related Met bibliographies by author, theme, or keyword. Current titles that are in-print may be previewed and fully searched online, with a link to purchase the book. The full contents of almost all other titles may be read online, searched, or downloaded as a PDF, at no cost. Books can be previewed or read and searched through the Google Books program. Many out-of-print books are available for purchase, when rights permit, through print-on-demand capabilities in association with Yale University Press.

Readers may also locate works of art from the Met's collections that are included within each title and access the most recent information about these works in Collections.

Readers are also directed to every title located in library catalogues on WATSONLINE and WorldCat.
Please check back frequently for updates and new book titles.

MetPublications is made possible by Hunt & Betsy Lawrence.

Titles with full-text online
A quick survey of currently available titles relating to Middle Eartern and Islamic studies yields the following:

Al-Andalus: The Art of Islamic Spain
Dodds, Jerrilynn, ed., with essays by Daniel Walker, Oleg Grabar, Jerrilynn D. Dodds, Madinat al-Zahra, Antonio Vallejo Triano, Renata Holod, Cynthia Robinson, Juan Zozaya, Manuel Casamar Perez, Christian Ewert, Guillermo Rosselló Bordoy, Cristina Partearroyo, Sabiha Khemir, Dario Cabanelas Rodriguez, James Dickie, Jesús Bermúdez López, D. Fairchild Ruggles, Juan Vernet Ginés, and Juan Zozaya

Along the Ancient Silk Routes: Central Asian Art from the West Berlin State Museums
Härtel, Herbert, and Marianne Yaldiz

The Art of Medieval Spain, A.D. 500–1200
The Metropolitan Museum of Art

Before the Roses and Nightingales: Excavations at Quasr-i Abu Nasr, Old Shiraz
Whitcomb, Donald S.

Flowers Underfoot: Indian Carpets of the Mughal Era
Walker, Daniel

Following the Stars: Images of the Zodiac in Islamic Art
Carboni, Stefano

Illustrated Poetry and Epic Images: Persian Painting of the 1330s and 1340s
Swietochowski, Marie Lukens, and Stefano Carboni, with essays by A. H. Morton and Tomoko Masuya
India: Art and Culture, 1300–1900
Welch, Stuart Cary
Indian Court Painting, 16th–19th Century
Kossak, Steven
Islamic Art and Geometric Design: Activities for Learning
The Metropolitan Museum of Art
Islamic Jewelry in The Metropolitan Museum of Art
Jenkins, Marilyn, and Manuel Keene

A King's Book of Kings: The Shah-nameh of Shah Tahmasp
Welch, Stuart Cary
The Minbar from the Kutubiyya Mosque
Bloom, Jonathan M., Ahmed Toufiq, Stefano Carboni, Jack Soultanian, Antoine M. Wilmering, Mark D. Minor, Andrew Zawacki, and El Mostafa Hbibi
Mirror of the Invisible World: Tales from the Khamseh of Nizami
Chelkowski, Peter J.

Nishapur: Glass of the Early Islamic Period
Kröger, Jens
Nishapur: Metalwork of the Early Islamic Period
Allan, James W.
Nishapur: Pottery of the Early Islamic Period
Wilkinson, Charles K.
Nishapur: Some Early Islamic Buildings and Their Decoration
Wilkinson, Charles K.

Orientalism: Visions of the East in Western Dress
Martin, Richard, and Harold Koda
Persian Drawings in The Metropolitan Museum of Art
Babaie, Sussan, and Marie Lukens Swietochowski
Persian Tiles
Carboni, Stefano, and Tomoko Masuya

Raqqa Revisited: Ceramics of Ayyubid Syria
Jenkins-Madina, Marilyn

Turkish Miniature Paintings and Manuscripts from the Collection of Edwin Binney, 3rd
Binney, Edwin

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