Saturday, April 18, 2015

Newly Open Access Journal: JMEWS: Journal of Middle East Women's Studies

JMEWS: Journal of Middle East Women's Studies 
ISSN: 1552-5864 
e-ISSN: 1558-9579
JMEWS is the official journal of the Association for Middle East Women's Studies.

This interdisciplinary journal advances the fields of Middle East gender, sexuality, and women's studies through the contributions of academics, artists, and activists from around the globe working in the interpretive social sciences and humanities. JMEWS publishes area-specific research informed by transnational feminist, sexuality, masculinity, and cultural theories and scholarship. It is particularly interested in work that employs historical, ethnographic, literary, textual, and visual analyses and methodologies. The journal also publishes book and film reviews, review essays, and dissertation abstracts that highlight theoretical innovation in gender and sexuality studies focused on the Middle East.

Full Text and Abstracts: January 2015 - Present  
March 2015; 11 (1) : 1 - 137 

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