Tuesday, January 14, 2020

Open Access: Official Gazette Issued by Palestinian National Authority

الوقائع الفلسطينية : الجريدة الرسمية = Palestine Official Gazette = al-Waqāʼiʻ al-Falastị̄nīyah = al-Jarīdah al-Rasmīyah

"This link includes the legislations published in the Palestinian Official Gazette since 1994 after the Palestinian National Authority assumed its responsibilities in the West Bank and Gaza Strip. Legislations are arranged in chronological order according to the Official Gazette publications, i.e. according to issue number and date. For the time being, some contents of non-legislative type shall be excluded from this link, including advertisements regarding trademarks, registration of companies, planning, construction, etc. Latest issues of the Palestinian Official Gazette will be published on "AL MUQTAFI" website, following the entry, editing and reviewing of material. Required texts can be accessed through search engine. By String Search, user can enter any word/s in the same order of letters, including space (which is also a letter). Texts of the Palestinian Official Gazette are available for everybody, but please refer to the source or link to the Institute of Law website. In any case, the Institute of Law at Bir Zeit University, in which officers make tremendous efforts to ensure that the material and texts entered are correct, shall not be responsible for any mistake or irregularity that may occur. For the purposes of verifying texts, please refer to the Palestinian Official Gazette published hard copies, which are the only official reference. Copies of the Palestinian Official Gazette are available at hand in the Fatwa and Legislation Department at the Ministry of Justice in the following offices: Gaza Office: Tel/Fax: 08 2829197 Ramallah Office: Tel: 02 2984301/2/3"

Official Gazette Issued by Palestinian National Authority. 

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