Thursday, April 8, 2021

HAZINE - Call For Pitches: Open Access Series

Hazine - an online guide to researching the Middle East is calling for contributions of articles on Open Access issues related to archives and resources for the study of the Middle East. 

"How do you employ open access technologies in building community archives?
What principles do you take to consideration when building accessible resources for communities, including for those with disabilities?
Hazine is seeking 4 pieces on the open access movement concerning archives and resources from or pertaining to the Mashriq, Maghreb, East Africa, West Africa, Southern Africa, South Asia, Southeast Asia, Turkey, or Iran. If you’re a researcher, an archivist, a librarian, an artist, an editor or any other interested party, tell us how open access policies have affected you and your work.   What technologies have you used to build open access materials? What is the role of social media in the open access movement? What are the limitations of open access?"

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