Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Open Access Journal : as-Sikka السكة

First posted in AMIR on 26 December 2010,   as-Sikka السكة The Online Journal of The Islamic Coins Group is no longer available at the original website of The Islamic Coins Group. It remains accessible is several iterations at the IA Wayback Machine,  the most recent dating to 10 July 2011. Until and unless it turns up again on its own terms, I'll keep the link to the archive.

ISSN 1496-4414  
as-Sikka  has been established to promote the study of Islamic numismatics through the e-publication of research articles, review articles, communications, and shorter reviews and studies. It is designed to allow members of the Islamic Coins Group as well as other contributors, to participate in activating Islamic numismatic research in a free and easily accessible medium.
We have shed the traditional publishing methodology and publish One volume per year. This volume, however, will be continually added to, and updated throughout the year, and will become final when the year is done.

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